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Dr. Sukhamoy Barik

MBBS (Cal), MS (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) FMAS
Consultant Gynaec Laparoscopic Surgeon and Infertility Specialist

Gynecologist in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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About Sukhamoy Barik

Dr. Sukhamoy Barik is one of the leading Gynaecologist & Obstetrician & advanced laparoscopic surgeons in Kolkata. He has been performing advanced gynaecological laparoscopic surgery, Conventional Gynaecological Surgery (both abdominal and vaginal), Painless Normal Delivery, Caesarean Section for high risk pregnancy, Uro-Gynaecological Surgery for urinary incontinence in Kolkata for considerable period with unmatchable success rate.

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Dr. Sukhamoy Barik Treatment
How to stay Healthy during Pregnancy!

If you’re pregnant or considering getting pregnant, by now, you must have learnt some basic tips about leading a healthy life. Most of these words of the mouth tips dictate: don’t smoke or be around someone who does, don’t drink, rest adequately and so on. These tips are necessary, but not sufficient. In this brief outline, the best gynaecologist in Dumdum, Dr Sukhamoy Barik, brings you some more pregnancy tips to furnish you with a complete overview.

A baby is a blessing. A gift from heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and to love.

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy
Dr. Sukhamoy Barik

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Poulami Chatterjee

4 months ago

Dr. Sukhomoy Barik is an incredible doctor! When I found out I was pregnant I started searching for a gynaec on Practo. The reviews and ratings were so good that we decide to book an appointment with him. I must say it’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. He is one of those few doctors who encourages his patients to give a try for NVD which is again very rare practice in West Bengal. At the last stage of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Obstetric Cholestasis; My sgot sgpt levels were so high that I had to deliver my baby via c section. I was very nervous about the whole process because I always wanted to deliver my baby naturally. Dr. Barik explained the whole process and helped me to overcome my anxiety about the situation.

Finally, I just want to say — Dear Dr. Barik, Thank you for your guidance and help to bring our little bundle of joy to this world. Thank you for listening to all those queries and never being impatient answering any. That parting gift (a laminated photo of me and my baby soon after delivery) you gave us was a great gesture. God bless you and your family!

Kriti Ghosh

2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm Kriti Ghosh. I went to Dr. Barik around 2017 and have been under his treatment ever since for endometriosis. He's the only doctor who provided me relief from painful periods and helped me restore normal life. He's a very efficient and patient oriented doctor. If you have any gynaecological issues feel free to reach out to him.

Sneha Kaur Kundra

2 weeks ago

Awesome experience and very caring approach . Me and my baby both were healthy and safe. I can never imagine how beautifully he took care of everything everytime. All my scheduled dates of appointment was perfectly taken care of. He even gifted a picture of my baby which is very rare. I will strongly recommend Dr Sukhamoy Barik for every pregnant lady out here.

Supratim Ghosh

3 weeks ago

I have seen such cooperative doctor for the first time in my life & I consider myself lucky that I have been assisted & my wife had been treated by Dr. Barik. The words come true "Doctor is an embodiment of GOD" in case of Dr. Sukhomoy Barik. He is very much experienced, prompt & above all very very very helpful.


3 weeks ago

Dr. Sukhamoy Barik is an emotion for me because I got the most beautiful and precious gift, my daughter through him in my life on 11-11-2022, Friday at 9:49 am. I searched in Google the best normal delivery doctor and I found him and visited him.When I visited him on the very first day, he listened to me carefully and talked to me so politely. He guided me properly. He was always available to me whenever I needed, even at 4 am when labor pain just started and he replied me and called me early in the morning and came to meditrust only for me to checkup and after few hours our daughter came to the world . He is so sincere and careful to his patients. He is very humble, polite the best doctor undoubtedly.Thank you so much Dr. Barik.

My Beauty Affairs

3 weeks ago

I came to know about him through practo app since then I am under his treatment only. The best part is that he made us understand every bit of gyne issues that we were facing which my previous doctor didn't . But now we are hopeful. Experienced and very well behaved doctor who always gives his best.

Sahanaj Parven

a month ago

I was Barik sir's patient. We are blessed with a baby boy .my son was born on 2nd January at charnock hospital. Barik sir is the best doctor I have ever seen. Sir always speak to me with a smile .even sir replies sms call any time anywhere... & my pregnancy journey went very well...sir handles any situation calmly... So Highly recommend ...Best Doctor...& I got the best gift from Barik sir which my son's first look picture ... Thanks a lot sir for everything.... We are blessed...

Rittick Mahato

a month ago

My wife had a dream come true Normal delivery, under Dr Sukhumoy Barik guidance on 14th jan 2023. You are amazing, keep up the good work...
Believe in him, he is a wizard !!